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We Believe That Baby Sleep Requires A Holistic Review and Approach

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Our Sleep Guides include a range of variable and flexible age appropriate routines, wake times and settling strategies

Our 7 Step process towards #easiersettlingandsleep and adjusting your settling in accordance to your parenting style - options and styles to suit your family!

 We include background and information surrounding your baby’s sleep, when it’s likely to breakdown and why, how you can help and what to do when things get off track.

We've got sections for helping you to go off routine (because you know, life is busy!), how to have variations and flexibility with your baby’s day sleeps and expectations surrounding this.

What about when naps don't go to plan when you begin? Cue our nap contingency plans! Along with daytime and night time settling prompts and tips!

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You also get FREE access to our online members forum and community with support from our consultants AND sleep settling tutorial videos!

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