We said whaaaat?!? 🤔Yep you heard us correctly. The truth behind ‘never wake a #sleeping #baby’ comes into play in some areas, but when you’re trying to help balance out the day sleep (especially when they sleep ALL day looong) 🥵and you want to get those lengthier nights down pat - we say to cap their nap time in order to benefit their 24 hour cycle of sleep. 

By capping the morning #nap especially, we encourage a longer nap at noon/lunch time, which is when babies are naturally tired due to the peak and trough of cortisol and melatonin - otherwise known as our homeostatic sleep drive 📈📉. A long nap a lunch time means only a short, little cat nap is required in the later afternoon, which is much more achievable as there isn’t a sleep window on this later of the day. This capped shorter nap means that you get through dinner and baths without hitting the ‘witching’ hour. 😈It also means your little one isn’t going to be overtired due to the lengthy period of awake time right before bed. So, who doesn’t love a bub that is easy to get to sleep for the night by 6.30/7pm?! 😜 It also means that to begin your day, you’d gently open the curtains, unswaddle and say good morning! The first wake of the day is one of the most important wake ups, as it not only sets your naps for the day ahead, but is vital in the foundation of your little ones body clock, which will wake and sleep at predictable times with a regular wake/bed time is in place. 🤲🏻 Making sleep and settling all that much easier for everyone! It allows for the amount of sleep debt accrued through the day (think your baby’s awake times) to be gradually repaid through naps without completely depleating it either at the beginning, or tail end of the day - it means:

⭐️ Easier settling for naps ⭐️ Lengthier night sleep, with less wakes above and beyond feeds ⭐️ Easier bedtimes ⭐️ Less #crying and #overtired babies As your baby spends time awake, they accrue ‘sleep debt’ and this builds their pressure to fall asleep toward their next nap. This is repaid with a sleep/nap 😴 - however, if your nap runs too long or short, it results in an imbalance of debt repayment/accrual - which means your little one can either take shorter naps and be overtired, or take too long of a nap and throw your day out, which can still result in an overtired baby by the end of the day 🤔🤯. Geez, sounds complicated, hey?! So how can you avoid this? And what is the suggested awake times and nap lengths - plus placements - for each age? These differ depending on the age of the baby/child and each individual may prefer a little more in some cases. You can find all of this information and #routine in our Sleep Guides, plus gain yourself access to our members forum with access to questions if you find yourself struggling! 🙌🏻💤💕

Grab your age related guide here and start balancing out your day sleeps, to benefit your nights! 

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