Lucinda Tranter | Mother of 2 [Soon to be 3!], Social Worker, Reiki Practitioner, Spiritual Mentor and Owner of Infinite Blue Energy Healing

She will be joining us regularly to look at techniques to help with overcoming feelings of anxiousness, doubt, negativity, and those which can drive your emotional and mental state to a low frequency.

We share our mummy affirmations on a daily basis as a way to stop, ground and re-group as needed, and Lucinda will help step us through ways to utilize these fantastic words of positivity.

Take a read, and head and check out her page for helpful tips, guidance and some love. Her range of services is amazing and you’ll leave feeling a new sense of purpose and improved energy.

- Self-care for Parents: What Is & Isn't 'Self Care' –

Wine is not a self-care tool… and neither is coffee (sorry not sorry)

My Facebook news feed gets flooded by posts and videos about mum's/parent's and so on 'needing' to drink wine at the end of the day as a coping and self-care tool. This also shows up for many people 'needing' coffee just to survive the day. And whilst I do understand that much of this comes from a place of good fun, it also scares the shit out of me that not one person posted anything about ACTUAL self-care.

I touched on self care for parents back in my previous blog article in January. If you want to have a little read of that after this, you can find it here.

Coffee and chat with friends = good

Needing coffee to function = bad

“Don’t talk to me until I’ve had my morning coffee”.

Ahhhh yes, I used to feel this way too! Until I realized that I was waking up in the morning, super grumpy, and starting the day off on a bad foot, because I “needed” coffee for my day to start. And unfortunately, the kids don’t wait to get out of bed until mum has had coffee. So not an ideal start to the day.

And when you’re coming to the end of the day, focusing on “just go the fuck to sleep, mummy needs a big glass of wine” also isn’t ideal – not fostering good relationships with yourself or the kids.

Probably hitting or triggering some uncomfortable areas right now?!

We've all been there, and just because you are there now, doesn't mean you have to stay in this mindset.

When you focus on or think about needing these things, you are automatically giving your energy to being stressed and worried - so you will need them. You may even find yourself picking apart your day, looking for the smallest piece of negativity to blow out so you 'need' that coffee, alcohol, glass of wine, cigarette, junk food or whatever your vice is!

Think of it as giving yourself an excuse, so it makes it okay with you.

Now, don’t start feeling defensive or guilty, we have all been there. And whilst the occasional coffee, wine, piece of chocolate or whatever is not so bad, it does not foster self-love, self-respect, or self-care.

So where to from here?

In the morning, as soon as you wake up, even if you have to have it written next to your bed to remind you, thinking or saying to yourself “Today is going to be fucking awesome”. It is a better start for your day than “uuggghhhh I need coffee or I am going to be a zombie all day”.

And at the end of your day, enjoying some cuddle time, conversation (even if it is with a 3 year old!), enjoying a shower, great sex, or reading a good book (not a trashy gossip magazine!), going for a walk or even just having some quiet time to sit and ‘think’ is much better for you than “needing” that glass of wine.

For more self-care tips, check out my other posts on self-care on our Facebook page.


Lucinda Tranter

Phone: 0403 232 022

Email: infiniteblue.energyhealing@gmail.com

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