Lucinda Tranter | Mother of 2 [Soon to be 3!], Social Worker, Reiki Practitioner, Spiritual Mentor and Owner of Infinite Blue Energy Healing

She will be joining us regularly to look at techniques to help with overcoming feelings of anxiousness, doubt, negativity, and those which can drive your emotional and mental state to a low frequency.

We share our mummy affirmations on a daily basis as a way to stop, ground and re-group as needed, and Lucinda will help step us through ways to utilize these fantastic words of positivity.

Take a read, and head and check out her page for helpful tips, guidance and some love. Her range of services is amazing and you’ll leave feeling a new sense of purpose and improved energy.

- The Truth About Self-Care & Kids –

Self-care doesn’t mean you have to be alone. It is absolutely not a one (wo)man show. It doesn’t require quiet, stillness, or space. Although these things are lovely and do absolutely contribute to your self-care experience, they are not necessary.

So now that the “but I have kids at home so I am too busy” is out the window, what are you going to do with kids around?

Here are four things you can do for your self-care with the kids around!

Shower Meditation

With or without kids joining you in your attempts to get all sparkly clean, give this quick shower meditation a try. You can even change the language to be age appropriate and talk your kids through it too. They have beautiful and magical imaginations so don’t discount their ability to do guided meditation.

Stand under the water, close your eyes, and allow the water to run over your head and down your body. As it does so visualize all of the stress, anger, worry, resentment etc. being washed off you, like dirt or mud, and running down the drain and returning to the Earth where it can be released and transformed. Repeat three times (doesn’t have to be out loud) “I release what no longer serves me” OR “I release what isn’t mine” (this is particularly useful for those who are sensitive to the energies of others or who work in areas of high negativity such as hospitals, social work, etc.) You may even like to visualize yourself afterwards all Edward Cullen and sparkling and clean of all the muck.


Most people are well aware of the benefits of getting out and exercising. But this does not mean you need to join a gym. Did you realize that just going for a walk outside in nature helps clear and activate all 7 of your major energy centres/chakras? It is grounding and allows you to feel connected to an energy larger than you, your hips are swaying and your butt is wiggling as you strut your stuff down the street, leaving you feeling empowered and strong, your heart is open as you breathe in that lovely fresh air, you’re connected to your physical body and listening to its messages, and the conversations with your little one are an important factor too – pointing out all the things you can see, not only helps them to learn, but also helps you to connect with them and work your throat chakra, whilst being open to magic and beauty surrounding you.


I am well aware that we do not all have a green thumb. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get the kids involved in digging some holes, planting some seeds, and maybe even growing some food for themselves and the family. Gardening is a fantastic energy grounding activity, and being out in the sunshine is also a fabulous energizer for you. Not to mention the joy that comes with growing and nurturing something, and then maybe even getting to enjoy it on your plate.

Perhaps you could plant something and establish it as representing you externally for yourself. As you water the plant and watch it grow, you also water yourself and provide yourself with love, joy and nourishment. As you cut it back when it gets to that time of year this could represent you cutting away all of the old that no longer serves you – making way for new and exciting growth for you and your plant.

Say Hello to Your Inner Child

We all have one, most of us just forgot about him/her in the rush of adult life. But when you are connecting with and nurturing that inner child, you are more easily engaged with your children at their level, able to find enjoyment in the smallest of moments, and feel the freedom that childhood brings. You may find that you are less stressed by the “messes” of life, your imagination and problem solving skills blossom, and you finally feel that you are deserving and can achieve those dreams of yours!

To connect with and heal your inner child, do what children do! PLAY. Go outside with the kids and throw a ball, climb a tree, swing on the swings, build a tower, play dollies, do some art and craft, colour, pick flowers, make fairy houses etc.

So, the truth about self-care is that you can do it anywhere, anytime, and with anyone. And if you are involving your children in your self-care routine, they are learning from you the importance of caring for the people they love – including themselves.


Lucinda Tranter

Phone: 0403 232 022

Email: infiniteblue.energyhealing@gmail.com

Head To Lucinda's Page For More Information


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