Lucinda Tranter | Mother of 2 [Soon to be 3!], Social Worker, Reiki Practitioner, Spiritual Mentor and Owner of Infinite Blue Energy Healing

She will be joining us regularly to look at techniques to help with overcoming feelings of anxiousness, doubt, negativity, and those which can drive your emotional and mental state to a low frequency.

We share our mummy affirmations on a daily basis as a way to stop, ground and re-group as needed, and Lucinda will help step us through ways to utilize these fantastic words of positivity.

Take a read, and head and check out her page for helpful tips, guidance and some love. Her range of services is amazing and you’ll leave feeling a new sense of purpose and improved energy.

- Self-care Basics for Parents –

So you may be pregnant, already have children, or perhaps your just planning for them, but at some point you have probably felt the excitement and thrill of being a super human who can create LIFE, and then started freaking out a little (or a lot). Those thoughts of “Who am I now?” and “What the fuck am I doing?”

Preparation for motherhood begins during planning and pregnancy. However modern day society has us preparing for parenthood by spending loads of cash on the perfect cot to match your carefully designed and planned nursery, cute little outfits for Facebook and Instagram posts (that really are only going to wind up covered in vomit and poop! – trust me), and preparing for the perfect pregnancy and newborn photo shoot. All things that do not increase your sense of self or prepare you for the realities of parenthood.

So you’ve got all the “essential items” and you’ve been to your pre-natal classes, and learned all about giving birth and how to breastfeed. You’ve been told what to eat, and how much water to drink, and you have learned all about what symptoms to look out for in regards to Post Natal Depression. But has anyone actually spoken to you about how to love yourself as a parent? How to actually take care of yourself holistically (mind, body and spirit) as a parent?

Let me put this to you; think about or list all the things and people you love in the world. Now look for yourself. Are you even on your list, or did you think of all the “essential” people and forget the most important – YOU? You should be you’re number one and you deserve it!

1. Date Yourself

The first step to loving yourself is to start dating yourself. You look in the mirror now and see a different person. You’re priorities have changed, your interests have changed, and your body has changed. Asking yourself the most simplest of questions and being honest with yourself “what is my favourite book? (not a parenting one, one that is for your enjoyment)”, “What is my favourite food now? (not what is quick and easy to clean up)”. This all leads to a bigger picture of knowing your limits, knowing yourself, and knowing your needs.

2. Get Creative

You are creative, and your energy system thrives on it. Whilst dating yourself, keep a journal to write all of your hopes and dreams (focusing on you, not for your child), try drawing or painting to get yourself right in front of you, or get involved in some craft time and make something for yourself. All of these show you, you at a deeper level, helping you to gain a better understanding of yourself whilst releasing some of your frustrations in the process.

3. Understand Your Body

Your body is sending you messages constantly, but it is up to you to listen. You may notice that with certain events your tummy plays up (stress and anxiety), or that you get a headache when the T.V. is turned on. It really is as easy as feeling what is going on in your body and adjusting life to suit.

4. Meditate/Relax/Be Mindful

Following on from understanding your body, meditation and mindfulness and great ways to feel and understand yourself. It doesn’t mean you need 20 minutes to yourself every day. Being mindful is just about focusing on what is around you and what you are doing (hanging out washing, washing dishes, walking, cooking, showering, eating etc.) – the smells, sounds, colours, textures, sensations, pains, feeling your breath moving into your lungs and exiting your body. Try it with a Malteser (you’re welcome for the excuse for chocolate)


When you’re in the shower (even if kids have joined you), visualise the water washing away all of your stress and worry and it going down the drain.

5. Affirmations

Affirmations are statements that have the ability to change your thought patterns and behaviours. The trick with affirmations is believing what you are saying. I like to stick them on the mirror and say them to myself each time I am in the bathroom. Say them with feeling and speak to your heart.

6. Give Love to Yourself

Whilst your busy loving and taking care of everyone else, don’t forget to say “I love you” to you too. Stand in front of a full length mirror – naked – and tell yourself “I love you”, “I feel beautiful”, “I feel sexy”. It will be incredibly awkward at first, but soon it will become second nature and you will be saying all these lovely positive things to yourself without thought.

But remember, the trick of this all is to feel it and believe it.


Lucinda Tranter

Phone: 0403 232 022

Email: infiniteblue.energyhealing@gmail.com

Head To Lucinda's Page For More Information


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