Commonly, each little ones goes through their little sports of growth around about the same age, give or take a week or so. But, did you know that sometimes it could mean less sleep? This is because babies, especially newborns, require additional calories and milk feeds to support their growing bodies, neurological and physical development. ✖️ For those babies which are younger, more time at the breast is an indication that a growth spurt can be occurring (when all contributing factors to supply aren’t compromised: for example, a mothers oral intake and illness). More time 1:1 feeding, an understanding of this need and the reasoning behind this will make it more beneficial for both bubs and mum. ✖️ Increased feeding = increased intake = growth, leading to an overall increased demand on your body to produce a more nutrient dense and increased supply to support your baby’s growing nutritional needs! ✖️ Taking the time to allow these extra feeds will only allow for easier settling & sleep, and reduce the number of days needed to get through the growth spurt. Breathe, be patient and enjoy the extra 1:1 time together! ✖️ Sleep swap outs are usually only due to the additional feed times, and babies may actually wake from a nap earlier if they need an additional top up feed. (Our routines are great because we factor all of this in, meaning we can combat the sleep swap outs!) ✖️ As your baby gets older, or if they are on a bottle, you can add in extra ml’s or one a the breast (even offering the second breast!) at morning wake and before settling. Especially handy if they previously weren’t waking for multiple night feeds, and then begin to do so around the time of a growth spurt. ✖️ If they do wake overnight for a feed, especially around the time of a growth spurt - you can just see how it goes! Give it a couple of days, and if they go back to their usual sleeping patterns, feeds and routine then the night feeds were all they needed to get through that stage! ✖️ From 5 months of age, frequent night wakings for feeds may indicate a need for supplementation and the commencement of solids. At this age babies are looking to move from a milk only diet, to incorporating nutrient dense foods in the form of simple, purée first foods. Closer to 6 months, looking at protein in the diet to support sleep and hunger is suggested. We’ve covered some commonly asked questions regarding sleep and a baby’s growing needs.

If at anytime you have questions or need help, we’re happy to be contacted .

-> Our independent guides have information on growth spurts and feeding, covering ways to breeze through, wean a feed, recognizing signs of feeding issues, commencing solids and nutritional support for sleep, plus much, much more!

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