Has your little one entered into this recently? It's an ever changing game when it comes to sleep, let alone adding in some baby skill sessions at usual sleep times! Every sleep journey is different, every baby is different. Some hit these milestones earlier, or later, then the average age. However, being prepared and having an understanding around when and why Sleep can breakdown secondary to milestones can help. We want you to understand and create less pressure on yourself as the parent, and stop you from asking ‘why aren’t they sleeping?’, in turn having you say ‘They’ve just gone through ‘ABC’ so I’m supporting them by ‘XYZ’. We will help you to understand why they are waking, how you can help them, why/how everyone’s sleep journey is different. ✖️ Even the perfect little sleepers can have disrupted patches during these developmental phases, and want to practice their new skills at any time they wake! ✖️ Try not to think of these times as a 'breakdown' in sleep as such, but more of a 'breakthrough' with your bubbas skills! (Look at the positives!!) how amazing that they’ve learnt a new skill, be it sitting, crawling, standing or walking and talking! ✖️ Most babies will master their skills, and with some guidance or consistency with ensuring naps during the day are maintained as best as possible during this time - reducing the risk of babies becoming overtired - they come out the other side relatively unscathed. ✖️ Sometimes sleep can stay fragmented and babies become overtired, resulting in even further broken sleep and waking, an unsettled little one, poor feeding (due to being overtired) and much more... ✖ There is not better way to explain why your baby is swapping out their snooze time for a skills session apart for the simple reasons that THEY CAN! They don't discriminate between awake time or sleep time, and this is a 100% natural process when it comes to developing these skills, and progressing through sleep regressions or disturbances. ✖ It can mean more night wake ups, less daytime naps and a tireder, fussier baby. BUT, the news is good, as these milestones come and go, and as your baby masters their new found skills, they soon settle back down to sleepy land, and we can focus again towards napping and better sleep after 1-2 weeks. ✖ There are ways you can assist your child in ensuring they get enough sleep throughout this period is by teaching them the other side of the skill, so they have both the 'up & down' of it, and can easily get back to a sleeping positions after a good play!

Get in contact with us if you have any questions regarding your little ones sleep - we have a support option and package to suit everyone!

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