We talk about it a lot when it comes to baby sleep, but consistency gets us results in any area of life. Whether we are taking up a new gym program, or trying to quit smoking - without more consistent days then not, we won't see results. It takes 3 days of repetition to notice a new behavior, 7 days for it to becomes more of a 'daily habit', but 21 days before we becoming 'automated' with our ways. ✖️ The Three C's: Calm, Commitment & Consistence: You are NOT going to see changes in your child's sleep patterns, naps, behaviour's and routines in one day! These things take time, persistence, patience and commitment. The longer you’ve had a habit, typically the longer it takes to create a change! ✖️ A routine is a great way to add some consistency to your day, it can be flexible or rigid - it's about what works best for your child, yourself, & your family's lifestyle! ✖️ Consistency is where we see ourselves 'make or break' the situation or association we are having trouble with. If we are more inconsistent then not, then the results reflect this. ✖️Once you've established some great consistency, predictably or even some routine - You can have flexibility, and you can get off track! Those who are more consistent then not find it easier to pick back up and see things improve again! ✖️Setting smaller goals to achieve an overall major goal is the way we work. We want to achieve, success and have those little 'aha!' moments with our clients. The silent 'fist pump' in the air as you walk out of your babies room once they fall asleep! No more tears from both parents AND babies! ✖️ A big shout out to our past clients, who have found that by making small, consistent changes they've had big results! You are the proof, the examples and the success that shows with effort and consistency, you can achieve big things!

We can help you with your consistency and achieve success with your little ones settling & sleep! Send us an email to get started here.

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Baby Sleep Routines
Baby Sleep Routines