As the weather begins to heat up here in Australia, we can tend to divert ourselves away from swaddling our little one's, purely out of fear that they may overheat or become too hot when sleeping. We ask that you stop and wait a moment before considering this!! Swaddling is one of the most successful & easy ways to calm a newborn baby, and promote a restful sleep up until 4-5 months of age. You don't have to compromise your sleep or swaddle because the weather has come in warmer! We all have our favorites when it comes to preferred swaddles - the one's you've used over, and over again and need to wash day in and out to get ready for that next nap!

If you haven't got a favorite, and even if you do - we share some of our's below for you to use during the warmer months, and some for anytime! So, read on to check out why we love a good swaddle, and which swaddling products are our top picks when it come's to houdini proofing and ease of use.

✖️ Swaddling is particularly helpful in babies aged 0-12 weeks, and even up to the ages of 6-7 months [depending on your baby's individual developmental abilities!]. It triggers a baby to relax by creating a womb like environment, and assists with the 'moro' reflex, which is still very prominent in babies age up to 4 months, as mentioned on the previous page.

✖️ Swaddling is proven to help babies sleep for both longer, and more settled periods. When your baby is old enough to be un-swaddled, move them into a sleeping bag – another great positive sleep association, allowing for bub to predict sleep is coming and wind down once they are placed into it.

✖️ Despite what many people may think, swaddling in not typically used to 'keep a baby warm'! Although, swaddling does allow for a nice snug and cosy environment, it is primarily used to help combat the moro or infantile reflex all babies have. It is important however, to ensure that your baby's undergarments are appropriate according to the weather conditions, to prevent them becoming either too hot or too cold.

✖️ Continuing to swaddle your baby will assist greatly in helping to get through the 4 month sleep regression, at which time we can then look to start un-swaddling your baby. We like to suggest that 16 weeks is the minimum age of un-swaddling, unless your child is showing earlier signs of finger sucking, attempting to self settle and/or rolling over from back to front while in their cot.

✖️ We find that some babies are neurologically more advanced then others, they started smiling sooner, they are rolling over already and thus they are ready for more hands off settling and can allow for swaddling to be reduced. However, others are still very new-born, they might still be small, not rolling, and still very much respond to the hands on settling techniques, and thus benefit greatly from the secure environment of the swaddle!


The standard swaddle is the most common and effective swaddle when performed correctly, and can be achieved with your standard muslin wrap. Swaddling baby with arms down or hands-to-heart reduces the risk of startling, and gives them the sensation and safety of being in the womb. We suggest a 1.2x1.2m swaddle, in the appropriate material to suit climate conditions in order to ensure baby isn't at risk of overheating - a muslin with a little stretch.

We LOVE Target's good old muslin swaddles, such a great deal at $15 for a pack of three too! They have a nice amount of stretch and are a large 1.2x1.2m.


The name says it all! The miracle blanket swaddle is one we recommend for simplicity and technique when it comes to purchasing a ready made swaddle product. It promotes settling by swaddling with arms down or hands-to-heart, and again reducing the risk of startling while giving baby the sensation and safety of being in the womb. It is a secure and hip friendly swaddle, and produces excellent results! It's the most popular Houdini proof swaddle on the market and can be purchased form all leading baby stores online.

A little bit pricier at $34.95 per pop, but a whole lot easier & effective!! If you struggle to swaddle and your baby escapes the swaddle, this is the one for you! Their sizing allows for growth and can fit newborn right through to 6 months!


This is an awesome product for warmer weather conditions. It allows for the arms to securely be swaddled, while ensuring that baby's body is not completely wrapped! It is a great alternative for the warmer climate conditions Australia can have, especially tropical locations! It's ideal to ensure the moro reflex is minimized, promoting settling and calming as baby can still be swaddled during warmer periods of the year.

For two wraps at $29.95, you can ensure peaceful sleep and a settled baby during the warmer months, and this material is just divine! It is a Bamboo, has good stretch and easily washed. It's a nice, long wrap that easily grips and molds to fit snugly around your little one's torso and arms.

If you would like to learn more about swaddling or settling your newborn baby, why not book a 1:1 in home consultation, or visit our events page for our Newborn Masterclass options!

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