It is inevitable that our little ones will get sick one day - whether it’s a cold, fever, pain or fatigue post immunizations or even something more - there will be days that they just aren’t their usual selves. A baby that is tired and unwell can be fragile. They may be easily overstimulated and reactive to stimuli that they may not have previously has issues with. They may want more, or less 1:1 contact then usual. So here’s our tips for when illness strikes, and how to get yourself back into the swing of things when illness passes! ✖️ RELAX and let go a little. Don’t expect your child to sleep as well as they usually would’ve when they were 100%. We heal as we sleep! Think about when yourself, as an adult, becomes unwell with a stomach bug or flu. Our bodies crave the extra sleep and quiet time to rest and regenerate. Your baby can be the same to some degree, depending on the level of illness. ✖️ Read their cues. If they seem to become tired quicker, or need to sleep that little bit longer - pop them down earlier or let them have they little sleep in or extended nap. A day or three off routine won’t hurt if you’ve previously had some good structure and predictability to the day. ✖️ Oral intake can dip, especially if a tummy bug is the reason behind your little ones illness. If they go off their solid foods for a day or two, don’t stress. Ensure fluids and milk is maintained, which may also mean they take more milk feeds when unwell. If these drop off and your baby is taking less and less, consult your healthcare provider. ✖️ When it doubt, get checked out! Mother’s intuition is spot on and you know your baby best. We always recommend a visit to your local GP or healthcare provider if you feel bub isn’t getting better after 24-48 hours, or if at anytime you’re not 100% sure about their health. Peace of mind is never a bad thing! ✖️ Whether it’s illness, travel or a special event, going away from your routine is to be expected. As soon as things are back to baseline or you’re home and finished with needing to be away from the routine - it’s best to get straight back on. Babies who have had routine incorporated into their day from early on have a great ability to be more flexible with their routine and allow for easier variations without much fuss! Further. A well rested baby can handle variations to their usual day or routine of events. If you’ve had routine previously I will usually only take 1-3 days to get back on track with everything and see sleep and settling come back to usual.

▫️For more information on our programs and how you can achieve easier sleep & settling for your baby with added routine, contact us here.

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