We are committed to approaching your baby's sleep in a gentle and holistic way. We review day sleep/napping, all aspects of feeding, the sleep environment, your daily activities and commitments, and finally - how your baby is settling. (Plus much more! 🙂). Not all cases result in sleep training! Looking at the overall picture regarding your child’s sleep eliminates any little areas that can be holding them back, and allows for implementation of things to support their settling. It’s not a ‘one approach fits all’ with us! We understand that every family and individual baby has unique needs and lifestyles, and that’s fine! At Limestone Coast Sleep School we support a flexible approach, allowing you to leave the house, Sleep on the go where possible and have options for many adjustments! This allows us to design a routine (be it: flexible or more structured - whatever you want!) in order for your little one to have the best chance of getting adequate rest, by both sleeping well through the day and overnight. ✖️We ensure that parental presence is maintained, we ensure you console and provide comfort and emotional support - and that your baby isn't abandoned, crying or alone. We guide you towards a better rest, and establishing your child's sleep requirements, all while ensuring you respond to your baby's age-specific sleep needs. We would never expect a baby to accomplish something that isn’t realistically achievable. ✖️We can help you to uncomplicate and understand why your child's sleep is changing, adapting and regressing as they grow! Sleep is one of the most natural biological processes, but is it also one of the most misunderstood needs - sometimes it is such small changes to a babies day that's sees us with outstanding results! ✖️We've seen it now with many of our clients: Our Limestone Coast Sleep School Programs have everything you need to get your baby (and you!) a much more restful sleep, in a gradual, holistic, gentle and responsive way. ✖️Our activity and sleep log process allows us to review each 24 hour period in order to provide slight tweaks or assist with timing for settling or be able to visualize concerns as they arise. We work with you and your baby to assist in hitting the timing perfectly! You become the master of understanding your baby’s tired cues, limitations and the biological background behind their sleep needs!

Make a 1:1 in office or phone appointment to discuss how we can help your family achieve #easiersettlingandsleep.

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