You know - those times where you just know your child is going to flat out say NO to sleep, and then you give in - because you're tired, you're exhausted mentally and just cannot bear to struggle through an argument with that little human. You feel that it's more of a bother to sit there and settle them for a total collective amount of time, that is actually longer then the amount of minutes they decided to sleep for anyway! I get it. I think we've all been there. We've all given up, waved our white flag and said to ourselves we'll try again tomorrow. However, you might be surprised at just what skipping a nap can do, and in turn what doing this consistently can impact on. ✖️Skipping or refusing naps, combined with keeping your child up later can have an opposite effect for the reasoning behind parents doing so! ✖️By pushing back sleep times, skipping naps and trying to 'tire' out your child/baby, you could actually be causing the early risings, more wakings, and poor quality sleep due to them becoming overtired. ✖️An Overtired baby can actually feed poorly or less, being inattentive at the breast or bottle, pull on and off frequently and seem easily distracted or startled by noise or other stimuli, resulting in a less fulfilling feed. ✖️One common misconception of an overtired child/baby is that they should just 'fall asleep when they're ready and tired enough' - kids are resilient, the get that 'second wind', which is the hyperactive behavior caused by being overtired.

✖️ An overtired baby will wake more frequently overnight, which in turn can seem like a hunger wake, where a less fulfilling feed will be taken - by the breast/bottle/suckling offers a soothing and calming effect, this settling them. ✖️You know your baby/child best - watch for cues, catch them early! Perfect timing = perfect sleep AND no crying!

Need more information on your baby's age appropriate awake times, key's to settling and sleep and assistance in perfecting the timing of naps? Try our sleep guides!

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Baby Sleep Routines