Bedtimes can be the easiest part of your day, if all other day sleep is spot on for your child's age. By spot on we mean age appropriate, ensuring they aren't eating into night sleep by sleeping for too long during the day, and that their naps aren't creeping up too close to bedtime, decreasing the amount of sleep debt right before you're wanting them to take their lengthier stint of sleep - overnight!

The final sleep gate or window, as we call them, falls from 6-7pm - where biologically your body is 'pushing' towards sleep, and further the environmental factors also encouraging Bedtime.

✖️Does your child fight bedtime? Do you cringe when bedtime approaches? Take Back Bedtimes!! ✖️You can gradually bring a later bedtime earlier by 10-15 minute increments each couple of days, until your new time has been achieved.

✖️What's your bedtime ritual? How does your infant or child 'know' bedtime is approaching? A bedtime routine is a sure way to secure easier bedtimes, it provides predictability & consistency for both parents and children! ✖️Ensure your daytime sleep is finished by the following times to protect bedtime: ⏰5pm Newborn - 7 months ⏰3pm 8-18 months ⏰ 4-4.5 hours from last nap to bedtime for 18+ months (tip: ensure you day nap is in the middle of the day!)

⏰ 5-5.5 hours from nap ending to bedtime for 2+ years (tip: you may need to cap this nap to achieve an earlier bedtime!)

We provide you with the knowledge towards understanding your baby’s sleep | helping overwhelmed families get the relief they need | a better rest is closer than you think!

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Baby Sleep Routines
Baby Sleep Routines