As the weather begins to heat up here in Australia, we can tend to divert ourselves away from swaddling our little one's, purely out of fear that they may overheat or become too hot when sleeping. We ask that you stop and wait a moment before considering this!! Swaddling is one of the most successful & easy ways to calm a newborn baby, and promote a restful sleep up until 4-5 months of age. You don't have to compromise your sleep or swaddle because the weather has come in warmer! We all have our favorites when it comes to preferred swaddles - the one's you've used over, and over again and need to wash day in and out to get ready for that next nap! If you haven't got a favorite, and even if


Our focus is usually on an overtired baby, especially one who has exceeded their awake time limitations. But, on occasions we see an under tired baby. A baby that hasn’t had enough wake time between their naps, and as a result hasn’t been able to accrue enough ‘sleep debt’ in order to easily push them towards falling asleep easier. You’re probably thinking to yourself right now ‘Holy moly - I just figured out when they’re overtired, now I have to look at if they’re under tired too? I wish I got a manual for this kid!!’ Let’s make this easier for you! ✖️Sleep debt is the amount of sleep that has been accrued over the day, resulting in the slow and steady build up, or ‘banked awake hours’


It is inevitable that our little ones will get sick one day - whether it’s a cold, fever, pain or fatigue post immunizations or even something more - there will be days that they just aren’t their usual selves. A baby that is tired and unwell can be fragile. They may be easily overstimulated and reactive to stimuli that they may not have previously has issues with. They may want more, or less 1:1 contact then usual. So here’s our tips for when illness strikes, and how to get yourself back into the swing of things when illness passes! ✖️ RELAX and let go a little. Don’t expect your child to sleep as well as they usually would’ve when they were 100%. We heal as we sleep! Think about when you

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Baby Sleep Routines
Baby Sleep Routines