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Baby Sleep Routines
Baby Sleep Routines

It's OK to feel frustrated. It's OK to feel defeated. It's OK to feel helpless. It's OK to ask for help with your baby's sleep.


You're advocating for their little bodies to rest


You're looking for guidance to better support their biological need for sleep, while supplementing your own


You're trying to figure out how to settle them easier, and get them to sleep a little bit longer


You've come to the right place.

Limestone Coast Sleep School was created with the view to help other parents & babies get the benefits of healthy sleep. With our director Kim having three children of her own, being a lover of sleep and a Registered Nurse - she knows all too well the impacts sleep deprivation has had on herself & other parents, and further, the power that optimal sleep has on children. 

Kimberly Saffin - Founder/Director of Limestone Coast Sleep School,

Registered Nurse and Mother to Lorie, Parker & Laynie.

I have been there myself. I have felt the strain that limited sleep has on your body, what it does to your memory, mind and mental well being. I've felt helpless around my baby's needs, wishing I had a way to better understand why things were happening, and how I could help my little one get the sleep they needed - so I could get the sleep my body craved. I could see my baby becoming more and more tired, fatigued, it affected our feeding relationship. It affected my marriage. I felt as though motherhood was hard enough, let alone having sever sleep deprivation.


The reason behind my studies into Infant & Child Sleep was for this reason, and having just had my second baby I was going to prepare myself 110% with a better understanding regarding my baby's needs. I fell in love with the science behind sleep - and I could easily apply my nursing background and knowledge towards this aspect. With this understanding came knowledge, and from this came confidence and that 'ah-ha!' moment and realization that it didn't have to be complicated! If I could teach this to others, I could help others, too. And so, Limestone Coast Sleep School was born.

"Sleep Deprivation Is A Slippery Slope, and It's Time We Recognized That There Are Natural & Supportive Ways of Supporting a Baby & Child's Needs For Sleep. Mothers No Longer Need to Wear Sleep Deprivation As a Badge Of Honor, What's Honorable About Starving Your Body of One of The Most Necessary Biological Needs For Survival?"


Sleep is a biological necessity, and lack or deprivation of sleep alters our health & happiness as parents. It triggers frustration, irritability, impatience and can lead to depression - all of which makes it impossible for us to be the parents we'd all hoped to be. Sleep is not a luxury, it is a necessity, and you do not have to continue to function with any less than you naturally need & deserve anymore! A staggering two in five parents report experiencing settling & sleep difficulties, and the average amount of sleep lost for new parents in the first 6 months is over 148 hours, or up to 1 weeks worth of sleep, but for those struggling with settling & sleep, this number is much higher.

Chances Are, If You're Tired and Not Getting Enough Sleep, Then Your Baby Isn't Either!

We aim to empower & assist parent's & families with the education surrounding safe & proven sleep methods while incorporating real life experience. Our consultations are diverse, holistic, and cover everything when it comes to your baby's sleep. We can guarantee that you will become inspired to be a better rested parent. Our programs are structured around caring, gentle & responsive methods which will allow your little one to harness one of life's most essential skills - sleep.​ Learn how we can support you, and the results you can achieve here.


You can't pour from an empty cup, so let's have a chat! Contact Us to get started and receive more information.